Inauguration of the first customer club and online store of road construction machinery in Iran

On July 28 2020, for the first time in Iran, a customer club and an online store of road construction machinery parts were inaugurated by SNOW PARS.

In the fourth decade of our activity, SNOW PARS opened the first customer club and online parts store in construction machinery sector. The main purpose of customer club is to create added value for customers. Other goals of the customer club include increasing the interaction and communication between customers, providing quality services and products, creating satisfaction and loyalty in customers. SNOW PARS club is a new service that enables to convert these points to discount codes and other benefits that the customer club valorizes for the customers.

Relying on efficient human resources, SNOW PARS club strives to provide special support plans based on customer needs by, using new technologies and creating sustainable value for customers.

The services of SNOW PARTS Club are as follows:

1- Granting points to customer purchases

2- Convert points into discounts for future purchases

3- Participating in the raffle of exquisite prizes periodically

4- Providing welfare and entertainment facilities for customers