CRM Department

In order to base a long-term targeting, Snow Pars has established a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department. CRM’s mission is to increase mutual interaction with customers and develop services to them, be aware of their views and opinions on Snow Pars products/services pedantically and explicitly focus attention on and customer, s experiences and acts toward their satisfactory. This cooperation will help us to meet more customer demands and increase their satisfaction.

Management (CRM) is referred to as a customer-centric business strategy that emphasizes relationship marketing. It is defined as a set of business processes designed to attract, retain and serve a customer. CRM goals include identify new opportunities and reducing customer defeat levels, building customer loyalty to enhance a good image of the organization, and reducing costs. The CRM implementation process includes three steps such as acquisition, maintenance and upgrade.

Customer complaints handling mechanism was set up from the beginning to respond quickly to corrective or preventive action on each problem. In this regard, most customers agreed that Snow Pars implements an organized system to deal with it.

Customer complaints and the success of this system depend on constant monitoring and review, so suspended complaints can be handled with initiative. In addition, there are factors such as time management, the right solution, proper maintenance of the site through which customer satisfaction is smoother.

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