• Spare Parts

    Snow Pars believe that management of construction equipment is sustained by proper management of spare parts. It can be said that achievement of Snow Pars products management depends on whether the spare parts management (or spare parts control) can be properly done.

    Spare parts management requires a broad range of technology, experience and knowledge of construction equipment. In addition to this, it requires the ability to estimate necessary spare parts.

    Procurement Planning

    In Snow Pars to procure necessary spare parts,we take the following into account: consumption report, selection of suppliers, contract conditions, payment, and stock up to distribution. Parallel to this, demand forecasting concerns the demand for parts in the future. Thus, inventory planning

    Is done centrally for all topics (multi-echelon approach).

    Stock Taking      

    Snow Pars ware house always monitor inventory changes. The stock control process is concerned with all operations and activities such as which spare parts to stock, at which stocking location, preparing and entry the required inventory, proper maintenance and effective controls on items and their delivery based on a  modern  system in compliance with the standard governing the organization in a cost-effective way.

    Sales Department

    Stable prices by choosing which part level the customer wants is driven by sales department in Snow Pars.

    You don’t have to worry about the guarantee and can shop easily. All you need is working internet connection or calling.  You can have OEMs and aftermarket offering thousands of products from engine parts, drive train, hydraulic, maintenance parts , ground tools, etc…along with the price list.

  • Only be online. Today, we are inclined to see nearly everything in terms of online and digital apps. This is why SNOW PARS has developed the online tools into spare part’s online shopping website and application.

    SNOW PARS software application (SNOW PARS APP) and its web version snowparsclub.com facilitate the process of ordering parts, and customers can order the parts directly anywhere 24 hours a day by visiting the online store.

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  •   Mr. Salahi

    Spare Parts Manager

      Call : +98 (35) 3263 41 34

      E-mail : salahi@snowpars.com

      Mr. Damiri

    Spare Parts Supervisor

    Call : +98 (35) 3263 41 35

      E-mail : damiri@snowpars.com

      Mr. Yazdanpour

    Customer Club Manager

      Call : +98 (35) 3723 91 22

      E-mail : yazdanpour@snowpars.com