• The relationships between after-sales service, customer satisfaction, and loyalty is a very fundamental base in Snow Pars. Moreover, after-sales services supports, up gradation, and complaint influence customer loyalty with the mediating role of customer satisfaction.

    Today’s connected consumer demands a great experience throughout the entire purchase journey – and that includes the after-sales service. In the short term that means Snow Pars gets the basics right and provide an easy-to-use way to resolve customer issues and problems that arise after purchase. The longer term offers a real opportunity to leave the existing division of sales and service behind in favor of a brighter future: where Snow Pars proactively take control of their after-sales service to build lifetime value through stronger customer relationships.

    Although, getting the after-sales service right in the short term will be easier than delivering a longer-term strategy that truly delights customers and builds strong relationships. However, Snow Pars has bridge the polarized approach of treating sales and service differently when we are to maximize the opportunities offered by a truly customer centric organization.

    After-sales must be more than just efficient – it needs to be memorable Customers, of course, want the product or service to be right first time. On those occasions when it isn’t, they expect easy access to a support team and a rapid resolution.

    There are two key ways Snow Pars can realize this goal of memorability:

    1. Proactivity – identifying and rectifying issues before the customer makes contact.
    2. Empathy – showing real concern and an appreciation of a customer’s individual circumstances.
  • In practice, currently all Snow Pars products are sold with warranties by which an appropriate quality of the product is guaranteed to the consumer.

    We, Snow Pars are to achieve a long-term sustainable development and prosperity and must appropriately solve the warrantee-related issues and manage all activities connected with it. Special attention should be paid to actual implementation of warrantees, i.e. practical settlement of claims resulting from after the sale of product warranties.

    To effectively settle warrantee system and in the established period, Snow Pars has provided the required working capacity, stock of spare parts, financial reserves, etc.  We believe that the qualified activities during warranty period and requirements for working capacity and funds to carry out repairs of products during the warranty period are a basis for efficient and purposeful management of these activities.

  •   Mr. Poorhossein

    After-Sales Services Manager

      Call : +98 (35) 3263 37 06

      E-mail : poorhossein@snowpars.com

      Mr. Jaladat

    After-Sales Services Supervisor

      Call : +98 (35) 3263 37 05

      E-mail : jaladat@snowpars.com